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Amanda is an empath light worker who is very compassionate and non judgemental. She is a natural psychic with clairvoyance and clairsentient and clairaudient abilities. Amanda reads your energy so sometimes will need an inroad in to your path with tarot cards. She is an energy healer and can use reiki skills to send distant healing. Amanda will guide you with love and help you make informed choices to move you forward on your journey. She will embrace your individuality and empower you. Amanda originates from 7 generations whom were all psychic mediums with Romany gypsy blood. She is a very empathic reader and my life is focused on being a spiritual light worker.


  • A lovely, empathic, kind hearted, lightworker, what else can I say.
    thank you for a kind sensitive reading

    Claire, March 2023
  • Had a reading with Amanda 15/11/21. Amanda was a joy to speak to. She tunes in well with just your DOB and clarifies her connection with validations. She made predictions that I will look forward to and she also gets guidance/messages from spirit to pass on. She is upbeat, warm and reassuring. She also will not tell you what you want to hear, if she can’t see it or tune in then she won’t misguide or make up an answer because you are leading to/wanting a particular response. She is good. I would recommend her…I believe she is going to be extremely busy with lots of testimonies and feedback. LNL. Xx

    Peace, July 2022
  • She is calm and delivers what she sees by telling you straight. Great sense of humour too! I’ve read with her a couple of times recently and she has validated what I already know regarding someone of importance to me and got their personality down to a T. Her guidance of relationships is brilliant which gave me reassurance. I will wait and see what unfolds. Thank you Amanda x

    L, December 2021
  • Thank you my friend
    Such a beautiful calming energy you have I’m so empowered when ivd spoken with you it amazes me how you pick up on what I need to know …so many validation and very knowledgeable regarding relationship issues …
    I will be calling again and thank you again for helping and guidance on my journey with my twin

    No fluff just honest truth I love it xxxxxxxx

    Amanda, December 2021
  • I have been reading w this amazing gifted individual since beginning of November 2021. She is non judgmental, kind hearted, transparent, compassionate, as well as extremely accurate. I love how she can tap into others energy, and be able to decipher what they are feeling, as well as thinking. She has accurately predicted events that have already come to pass. She gives it to you how she sees it NO FLUFF. What I love about Amanda she can take on any topic you may present to her. She will deliver w such great detail what she may foresee. If she does not see an event occurring, she will be sure to let you know. I can speak w her for hours we always have a good laugh before I disconnect the line. Amanda is not only my go to advisor she has become more of a Friend she is my Soul Sister! I am always scoping the site to see if she is on so we can catch up (haha) I not only trust her insight, I trust her incredible gift as well. She has a true dedication to her Clients. There have been times I may ask the same question. Amanda will gladly assist me without any hesitation. She will even look into it further to see how I may be able to get the best outcome. Once she logs on it can be a bit of a challenge to get her. It’s a race to speak w her. If you are ever so lucky to see she is available, try her out! You will be amazed!

    Avery, November 2021
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