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Ava Ellen connects to your energy with the help of her spirit guides, your loved ones in spirit and your higher self to answer any questions you may have and to bring you comfort and guidance. Ava Ellen is very honest in her readings even if its something you may not want to hear about a person or situation, as she would expect and hope for the same honesty if she had a reading. Ava Ellen has had the pleasure of being able to read for people all over the world, from all walks of life so nothing surprises her and shes non judgmental as she has personally been through many different life experiences already good and bad, but she chooses to use the bad experiences to help advise and use it as fuel to see the positives in any situation. Ava Ellen grew up with her Nan and Mom doing Tarot Readings so in her family that was normal, her Nan was very spiritual and just knew things. She also had very strong feelings of knowing things, she always felt a presence around her knowing she was never really alone, and always had a knowing that there has to be more after we pass. Ava Ellen grew up thinking it was normal and most people must have those experiences. She later realised after being guided to look into it more that she could connect with people who have passed away and discovered she was a medium. Ava Ellen looks forward to hearing from you.


  • Well… what can I say? As I’m self employed I was worried about finding a new contract. Ava told me that the spirit world “has it sorted” and not to worry as I’d be busy in March. She also told me that I’d hear from a company I’d worked for before. We are now in March and she was one million percent accurate. I’ve so much work now it’s untrue! Exactly as Ava told me and how it would happen. She’s a truly gifted lady and extremely personable. I can’t recommend her enough.
    I’d give more than five stars if I could.

    Tamara, March 2024
  • I have read w Ava for a Year an some change. Each reading is different. Ava is one of my go to readers on the site. I would read w her at least once a week. I know it sounds like alot. I am a loyal customer both to the site as well as Ava. The past couple of readings she has given me false information as well as timelines. I only go to her cause I trust her insight only to be disappointed. It’s difficult to find a reader in which you connect w better yet trust their insight. I thought I was receiving accurate insight from Ava. If any of the information given at the time of my readings may come to pass I will post another review. I am gazillion % sure it won’t come to pass. It makes me think she was trying to keep me on the phone or have me call continuously due to how much I would spend each call w her.

    Anonymous, March 2024
  • I have had a reading with Ava Ellen and found it to be very inspiring and insightful. She has an amazing gift. She is also kind, caring and sincere with her readings. Thank you for my reading. With very best wishes xxx

    P, December 2023
  • There’s only one word I can say about Ava… Outstanding!
    You don’t need to tell her anything and the volume of specific finite detail is truly amazing, no long pauses or opinions, she tells you exactly what she’s given at rapid speed.
    Her gift is amazing and my number one go-to medium.

    TN, November 2023
  • BLESS YOU Ava Ellen ! I’ve just had a reading with you and how you have lifted me up. You have no idea how I was feeling before the call yet you connected all the dots….I’ll leave it at that because you know what I’m talking about. Bless you for removing yourself and allowing spirits to work through you. This reading deserves more than 5 stars ! Sending love much love and light and strength and peace. Sharon XO

    Sharon, September 2023
  • Thank you so much Ava for your guidance with messages you have been helping me with. I am still stunned about the lady ‘J’ coming through you as well as another channel which you know about.
    Ava is so supportive as a reader, very ethical and I am very grateful to her.

    Lisa, April 2023
  • I have spoken to Ava Ellen a few times now and straight away she links in with a family member in spirit and brings validation through that the connection with genuine facts. Today straight away she knew exactly what had happened within a situation that I had been going through in the last few days and the person involved. Every reading has been consistent from the first even if we haven’t spoken for a few months. Gifted and genuine. Thanks Ava Ellen. Wendy x

    WH, February 2023
  • Seemed nice on the phone. Said my grandfather was coming through, an “M or a J” but neither had them letters. Also, said about a new job/contract but I don’t do contract work. & I haven’t applied for any jobs with contracts as I’m over committed. Seems a bit vague. Unless could be non-contractual freelance? Prediction is well far ahead so who knows if that one comes true, will be back to say good things if so.

    OJ, January 2023
  • Absolutely brilliant. Phenomenal detail and goosebumps all the way. She will most definitely put you on the right track. Thank you.

    Allison, August 2022
  • Wow. I have no other words. She made me shiver in 26 degree heat. She is phenomenal!! X

    Olivia, July 2022
  • I have to leave Ava Ellen a testimony, her abilities are second to non. Names she came up with described my family members who have passed. Ava mentioned about the Robin (bird) I always associate with loved one in spirit! The next day I went to a cafe two robins appeared so close to me. I asked the member of staff about them. She told me she calls one of them Bobby! That was my Dad name. Ava mentioned him in the reading, It all tied in to what Ava had said the day before! A coincidence some may say. It made perfect sense to me. The rest of the reading was accurate too. Keep shining your light Ava and thank you xx

    M M, June 2022
  • I’ve had a few readings off this medium and I can honestly say they are one of the best I’ve ever encountered, I am a very closed off person who doesn’t let anyone in, upon my first reading I was told that a new relationship is blooming and this medium described my now fiancé down to the last detail, I didn’t believe her at first because I’m so closed off to letting people in, however to my surprise the timeline I was given was accurate and the person that was described came into my life and we’ve never looked back! I’ve recently had another reading from Ava mainly based on career, again at first I may be a bit sceptical because that’s just in my nature, but I asked a very specific question to be answered from a very specific person and without giving any details Ava got my answer correct! Which was the evidence I needed to confirm my most recent reading, for context I asked Ava to tell me what first dance song I’ve had In my mind, this reading has made me so excited for my future aspects and has given me a push and lease on life to go for my goals! I would HIGHLY recommend Ava without a doubt, I’ve never had such accurate readings before.

    Cameron, May 2022
  • I read the last review and thought wow I’ll try this reader. She claimed to connect with my father in spirit (my dad is still alive)! She told me he had a M connection. My fathers name starts with R and in any case I asked for a love and relationship reading not to connect with loved ones, which was completely ignored.

    She was very clearly off the mark from the beginning with my POI and referred to something significant happening around 3 weeks ago! I’ve been in no contact with him since Christmas!!!! She gave me the date of April 29th. If he contacts me on that day I will come back and amend this review but my own intuition tells me this prediction is highly unlikely.

    I’m stunned this lady has passed the test readings to be on this site! Thank goodness for the 5 minute guarantee. Nice lady but not in anyway psychic or a medium, so dont waste your time or your money as there are some great readers on this site, unfortunately this is not one of them.

    Anon, April 2022
  • 19/4 /22 Spoke to Ava Ellen. She made correct validations and linked with loved ones past. She is kind open and clear. She is honest and only repeats what she sees or hears. I would recommend her. She has a genuine gift and she doesn’t make stuff up or waste your time or money if she doesn’t connect.

    Peace, April 2022
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