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  • I had my first reading is Frida over 10 years ago. She is simply one of the best. She is always honest and truthful and the reading just flows and resonates – you don’t have to say anything- she knows !
    True earth angel . Wonderful lady .
    Thank you
    J x

    J, November 2023
  • Had a reading with Freda Joy on wed evening. Excellent connection, accurate with what’s going on in my life, picked up on lots of things that have happened this year. Some predictions made, I will report back. Felt relaxed throughout the reading. She didn’t ask lots of questions which is what I like.
    Very good, thank you

    E, October 2023
  • Freda joy wow you are absolutely amazing . I’ve been on many sites and also had many readers. But u are absolutely amazing very accurate on all you mentioned, and you even told me exact date for my extension which is correct. You are truly blessed I’m so lucky I found you, someone I’ve been trying to find is someone as good as you, I will most certainly be back, thank you so much and stay blessed your incredible .

    MO, July 2023
  • Freda joy what a lovely warm woman. Accurate on a lot of stuff. Great guidance too.

    Jackie, May 2023
  • An absolutely wonderful reader. Perceptive. Straight to the point. Immensely gifted. A true connection.

    Anon, May 2023
  • Freda Joy is great! Thank you for your brilliant gift that you give to everyone with such kindness, love and caring. Thank you for my wonderful reading. Love, light and blessings to you Freda Joy.

    Sylvia, October 2022
  • Thank you Freda 🙂 I just need to know if me and A are meant to be

    Sam, August 2022
  • Such a wonderful soul and connected beautifully thank you so much for all your wise words xxx

    Zoe, June 2022
  • Amazing! Picked up super quickly without any prompt ♥️

    Olivia, May 2022
  • Freda Joy predicted that the year 2022 would be the year that my career takes off. And she was spot on as I have just recently went up the career ladder having worked at the same level at work for what seems like forever! What she says to you in a reading all resonates with you and she is excellent at putting things across that she is getting. Thank you Freda Joy.

    Ryan, March 2022
  • Found my reading very helpful.
    Having struggled to find someone to replace a reader no longer on the site I think I have finally found a reader who is going to be accurate with her predictions.
    Advice given very welcome and I look forward to speaking to freda again in the coming weeks.
    She put me at ease and came across very genuine.
    Thank you

    Elaine, January 2022
  • Just fab put me at easy after a reading with someone else and told me the same thing as an another reader who I trust – will come back with an update, thank you again

    Stephanie, January 2022
  • I would like to say that Freda Joy is a lovely friendly psychic who really makes an effort with readings and has been accurate with my work situation which is the main thing I have been asking about. One of my favourite readers.

    Jessica, January 2022
  • A big thank you again to Freda Joy for the recent spate of readings allowing me to navigate my workplace issues and more, as always spot on and accurate, a genuine psychic reader who picks up straight away and a medium who passed on a wonderful message from a much-missed loved one in spirit. Thank you.

    Catherine, January 2022
  • Freda Joy is amazing and truly a Joy to speak to! Her voice is so calming and I felt a connection straight away. She gave me so much information and did not waist any of my time at all. I would highly recommend Freda to anyone. I was sorry at the end that i got cut off as my minutes ran out. Thanks so much Freda.

    K, January 2022
  • I have just had my first reading with Freda Joy . I thought it was excellent .You just know she is the real deal she links into your energy and the situation you are discussing very naturally .
    Her descriptions of the nature and energies of the people involved were so accurate . She has a lovely warm manner to go with it. I could have talked to her all night!

    Wendy, January 2022
  • Gorgeous lady. Connected straight away.

    kikki, October 2021
  • Amazing , spot on with a lot of queries and facts ! Such a lovely woman too.

    Flo rica, March 2021
  • Freda joy was great! Really helped me through a work situation and kept me calm. Her predictions came true! Thank you again xx

    Anon, March 2021
  • I will try to describe Freda joy to the best of my ability. At times in life I feel certain entities are sent to decipher and progress humanity in a particular way. By what ever means Freda joy has been given this ability I thank the intelligent universe for exposing this very beautiful woman’s pure gift. Someone I aspire to be like and my thanks to Freda joy in showing me how to be a better human. As for her readings it is delivered taylor made to the individual, she fits and flows around you like water. I could go on and on about Freda joy but would have to start looking for a publisher. I adore this woman and will never ever be able to thank her enough in this lifetime. I think everyone is special in their own right and in their own identity of who they are, but I must say Freda joy is super special. I love this woman. Peace Peace.

    Sebastian, February 2021
  • Freda Joy lives up to her name, she is literally a joy to talk to and very fast and uplifting in her readings. She gets to the point straightaway, doesn’t waste time and is very precise. She has been right on numerous occasions about issues and has proved correct in her predictions. I love the fact that she gets in their straightaway right to the heart of a matter and doesn’t waffle. Everything she said was correct and resonated accurately. I do t know how she does it but you can feel the wonderful energy down the phone. Thank you Freda Joy for your marvellous insights, I have had readings several times with you and will continue. Best wishes and love S x

    Shanee, January 2021
  • Lovely reading from Freda, explained a confusing situation and gave me the confidence to believe in myself. The way Freda described the person I was wanting to understand more about was as if she had met her. Thank you Freda for setting my mind at rest and giving me the encouragement I needed to progress forward x

    Nikki, December 2020
  • I have been suffering with trauma bonding since breaking up with my narcissistic partner. Freda’s reading was amazing, she verified everything I was going through giving me the strength to finally move on. Freda had no idea what I was going through & knew nothing about my partner. I highly recommend her.

    Terri, October 2020
  • Freda Joy was amazing!
    Very specific messages came through which were uncannily accurate for my current situation. One of those WOW readings! Really, really uplifted and feeling supported and inspired for my path ahead. Thank you Freda-Joy

    C, October 2020
  • I needed some guidance over a work/friend situation today. Talking to Freda is like being wrapped in a warm fleece blanket that comforts your soul in times of need. I absolutely enjoyed talking to Freda, a very sincere kind hearted lady with great insight and guidance. I felt so comforted afterwards, knowing I’ve done the right thing and great things are coming my way. I will definitely be phoning her again without a doubt. The fog has lifted my mind now. Thank you Freda. X

    s, September 2020
  • I have just found Freda Joy again, I was a regular on another site but no more, where she was always hard to get hold off as she was that popular! She is one of the best psychics I’ve encountered, and it’s like talking to a friend, shes warm kind and caring and you won’t be disappointed with your reading if you pick her. Thank you !

    CD, May 2020
  • Freda is a fantastic and very genuine reader. Accurate and to the point, and able to relate quickly to the situation. Highly recommended ?

    Ally, May 2020
  • I would like to say a huge thankyou to Freda Joy . An amazing , detailed reading with regard to Career , love and family . An energising , accurate and positive reading !

    Maggie, May 2020
  • Followed Freda over from another site. Glad I found her. I would recommend her. Been receiving readings with her for many years and she is kind caring, supportive and tunes in really quickly. She won’t tell you what you want to hear or waste your money. She is genuine. LnL. Xx

    Peace, May 2020
  • I have found Freda Joy amazingly uplifting and inspirational, she has made a genuine connection straight away and has been open to explore and search for what was looking for. The session left me buzzing with a positive energy, hope and strength I needed to feel and helped me to reinforce my own intuition. Freda is caring and supportive in the work she’s doing, made me feel safe, and I feel thankful for her time and warmth. Her insight and accuracy of reading is amazing too! Wonderful experience and highly recommended

    anonymous, April 2020
  • I had a reading a few weeks ago and I kept meaning to write a review as Freda was so enlightening and amazing. My reading was one of the best I have had. Everything she said was exactly how my situation and my life was at present. But about all she was so good at not just a reading but guiding me and giving me strength to continue on my path. And about all ‘ BE PROUD OF WHO AM I’. Thank you freda.

    Gianina, April 2020
  • I’ve had a few readings with Freda and find her on point. She gives information that clicks and resonates. She doesn’t say what I necessarily want her to stay, but is honest and puts it across in a compassionate and empathic way. For the most part, the predictions occur as she says. A Very talented professional.

    Jane, April 2020
  • I have just had 30 minutes with the amazingly gifted and beautiful soul, Freda Joy.
    What can I say, she managed to channel my partner who only crossed over two weeks ago!! Although mediumship is not listed in her profile, Freda Joy has mediumship and she is very good at connecting instantly and bringing forth clarification that she has indeed got your loved one there.
    Fate connected me with Freda Joy tonight and I’m so happy I got that chance.
    I will go back to her again and again. A true empathic intuitive and exceptionally gifted. Her energy is unreal. You can’t help feel love and warmth when listening to her.

    Caroline, April 2020
  • Thank you so much Freda joy I was so upset that my line was cut short but I appreciate the reading you did for me so accurate and I would recommend anyone to you cause you spoke from the heart and actually made me feel peace God Bless you I honestly hope to speak to you again xxx

    Debbie, March 2020
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