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  • India, thanks a million. We talked about the friends, the windows. You made my day so much better and your descriptions of people were amazing. Top reader on this site. Gill

    Gill, January 2023
  • This is my second review for her, I must say Ms India is a gem and a god sent angel. The last session I had with her was in August where she said few positive events which will take place somewhere in November for my husband. We were unsure, lost & worried. She gave us the courage & will to go on. To my surprise, every word of hers turned into actions. We are so thankful that she came into our lives. We called her last week to thank her. Just try her once and you will thank her eventually! She is definitely a god sent angel in our lives!!

    Annie, November 2022
  • India has helped me massively over the last year and I can’t thank her enough. She has been absolutely consistent and accurate, while showing an unstinting capacity for genuine understanding.

    Christian, August 2022
  • Highly recommended!
    I was so broken, in tears when I called Ms India, but after listening to her, I just felt my life bounced back. Her words are so powerful and she’s so understanding. She said many positive things, at that time, I was not sure. Now, after 2 weeks, I am writing this, all her words just turned into actions! It was so true. Thanking her is just not enough. She is truly an angel came into my life.

    Annie, August 2022
  • My mind is blown at how good my reading was. I can’t believe I ever went to any other reader. She was utterly brilliant and picked up on everything immediately. My new fave go -to. You won’t be disappointed.

    Ammi, August 2022
  • I had my first ever reading with India in early 2021. She said quite a few things that upset me and thereafter she said many aspects that were empowering. I was confused and never wanted to return back and made a note of her readings.

    She was spot on and all the empowering predictions actually came true in June 2021.

    The upset news she delivered was actually true too as I understood few weeks after the reading and it was for my highest good.

    She is spot on with situations, personalities, job offer timings, inner growth etc.,

    I would highly recommend her and be patient for predictions to unfold.

    Good luck India! Keep shining and I will come back time and time again

    Archie, August 2022
  • I had a lovely reading with India today, she confirmed much of my own intuition on specific topics and also gave me insight and that I hadn’t thought of before. I found her manner gentle and straightforward and I came away feeling more confident in myself and my abilities to manifest what I want in my life. Thank you India xx

    Helen, August 2022
  • India is a real gem. She has a heart of gold and delivers readings from a place in sincerity. She may tell you things that you don’t want to hear at the time but it is what you actually need to hear. She encourages her clients to be the best version of themselves. She is empathic, genuine and kind hearted and she does read with absolute integrity. India has been reading for me for a number of years now and she is the real deal. If you want to hear truth she is the one.

    Sonia, July 2022
  • India is one of the best readers at Elizabeth Rose. She is also one of my absolute go to people on here, when I need to understand what is going on with a POI in my life. She has an incredible ability to get right inside peoples intentions and what they are thinking, its her great skill. She was able to warn me recently of someones intentions who weren’t good and within a couple of days it happened. It helped my family make a crucially important decision, and I was so grateful for the warning. I often call India to help me see inside someones intentions, and frankly, she is is bang on every time for me in her predictions. She has an incredible ability here, to see right into a person. I return again and again to her for readings, because even though she tells me the truth of the matter (which is sometimes not what we want to hear, but actually really need to hear) she delivers it in such a kind and thoughtful way, that you feel she really understands. She treats clients like equals, and gives you unconditional positive regard no matter what, she is a highly skilled professional. I love talking to her, and will continue to get readings from India because she really helps me in difficult areas of my life. I encourage anyone looking for in depth insight into a situation to give her a call.
    5 stars, highly recommend.

    Jen, July 2022
  • To add to my previous testimony, not once did she pick up my poi psychicly, it was all very generalised on how men are and how busy they and more nonsense advice I didn’t want to hear. I’m pretty upset and would really like this review posted for fairness. If she didn’t want to read for me she should’ve said. Unsure how the previous testimonials are speaking about being connected etc. I felt absolutely nothing and kept being given nonsense advice I really didn’t want to know

    Zenum, July 2022
  • I’m actually really disappointed writing this review as I feel like most of the psychics on this website are pretty good. However, I thought I’d give India a go seeing her reviews and she’s left me feeling worse than I already did. If I wanted advice on how men ‘work’ then I can just go speak to anyone, I only wanted her to ‘psychicly’ see something for me but instead I just felt like I was continuously being told off as if I’m doing something wrong. I pointed out quite a few times in the reading that I’m not receiving answers and got the typical ‘I know how men work’ and never do this and this. It’s 2022, so what if I reached out to a guy and spoke to him first, doesn’t mean he won’t be in to me. I then proceeded to ask if there was potential but again with the I know how men work nonsense and don’t do this, this and this. I feel like I’ve just wasted a lot of money with no answers and frankly speaking I really didn’t call for advice. The reading was literally to see if a guy I’m seeing has the potential to go somewhere. Why did it turn in to a feminine teaching session I didn’t ask for? The unease for not even allowing me to freely speak seeing it is my reading I’m paying for. Safe to say I’m never calling her again. Being attracted to someone doesn’t always mean it’ll go somewhere. Equally saying men are always attracted to women isn’t a typical thing to say either. We’re in 2022. Should’ve known beforehand what I was getting myself into. Pure sheer disappointment. Please post for fairness. I genuinely wanted a reading on a guy I wanted to ask if it’ll go anywhere. Feel much worse than I initially did. I didn’t need a reading from a Karen.

    Zenum, July 2022
  • Thanks for reading my future cause I want to know more and I’m curious and it is a pleasure meeting you and hope you stay safe

    Mia, June 2022
  • Dearest ‘Diva’ India
    But not as in Mariah Carey….
    Our connection was instant….thank you lovely lady…fellow water sign…heart led and Full of spirit…
    Great reading and value your energy
    Recommend highly

    Emma, February 2022
  • Thankyou India for a comforting reading. I am more positive and hopeful. I will speak to you again soon

    Kady, February 2022
  • Hi, Just wanted to leave a review for India 1129. Just had a fabulous reading, very tuned in and such a beautiful lady who was fabulous, accurate and honest. Tuned in with me straight away and my situation I was seeking clarity with. Thank you India. I highly recommend a reading with this lady.

    Nicola, February 2022
  • Connected through tarot , very quick and tuned in accurately , described events and things about myself really well, which helped me realised you are true. Thank you for your support and guidance

    S, February 2022
  • Wow !! First reading and connect to situation very fast without information
    Like her style of reading
    Lovely lady

    T, January 2022
  • Thank you so much for your reading. Apologies I ran out of funds and got cut off, but India’s reading was very helpful and very reassuring and calming.
    Thank you 🙂

    Danielle, November 2021
  • Was so great talking to India, she a genuine reader and does put your heart at rest. She picked up a lot about my relationship and told me what will be the next step. It was lovely having a reading done from India and will recommend again

    Aasiya, September 2021
  • Thank you for my reading. I thoroughly enjoyed it and you were spot on. Will definitely use you again. Thank you x

    Maria, July 2021
  • I have had several readings with India. She is absolutely spot on and tunes in instantly. She uses her natural ability to connect with you and her cards but she is ever so precise in the predictions she makes. Not only is she good at her work but she is friendly and polite and actually cares about you as a person. Thank you India and I will be back soon for further readings when I need more clarity and guidance.

    S, November 2020
  • India is amazing!!!!!! So compassionate, understanding, caring and kind. Thank you for my reading today. Everything has calmed down so much already and I know that everything is going to be ok. I would highly recommend a reading with India! Love and best wishes, Gemma xxxx

    Gemma, August 2020
  • I’d like to leave a testimonial for India, who I’ve had several readings with over the last four months. I’ve been checking in with her over a relationship issue which has been slowly unfolding, and so far everything has happened exactly as she said it would. I feel like she’s given me a very realistic view of what may happen, and hasn’t sugar coated difficulties or challenges, and as a result I find her readings very comforting. She also has a really good knowledge of psychology which she mixes with spirituality to give a really solid and no-nonsense reading which comes from a place of love. When I come off the phone I usually feel relieved and like she really cares about the outcome. I’d really recommend India.

    Laura, May 2020
  • 14/5/20 Had a reading with India. She was friendly, polite and very understanding. Surprised she doesn’t have as much testimonies as she is often busy when on. She made correct validations and predictions matching what others have said. She gives lots of detail, things you should look out for or recognise. She also offers advice to help move things along. I would recommend her. LNL. Xx

    Peace, May 2020
  • India really tuned into my situation and the person it was regarding. She’s lovely and down to earth. I will be in touch about the predictions. Thank you for a great reading xx

    Zoe, May 2019
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