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Phil is a lively psychic medium with over 25 years experience as a professional reader. He has worked in the USA, UK and Canada doing stand-up events and personal and telephone readings. For your reading, Phil can work with guides and tarot cards and can tune into the colours of your aura. Phils witty manner and predictions will leave you astonished and with a smile on your face.


  • Previously Phil has provided me with some very insightful readings however recently when I booked in Phil sounded very disengaged. He also repeated the same terms approximately 5 times… the reading was very rushed and it is a shame as I do like Phils readings. I didn’t get much out of the reading as I wasn’t provided with much information in relation to my query.

    S, April 2024
  • Phil’s predictions are spot on. A few months ago he – unprompted – predicted that I would be working for a new organisation, headquartered in the US, with lots of international travel. He got everything about this new job right, including the timing. He is one of the best readers on this site!

    N, March 2024
  • My reading with Phil is the best reading I’ve ever had. He had a true gift. The insight and specific predictions he gave me ranged from small details like ‘your nephew will receive some good news’ (he won a karate competition two days later), to the wider view of what is on my mind and in my heart at the moment : a concern that a new direction I’m heading in with my work is too big for me to handle (he picked this up completely unprompted) and he also let me know that no, it wouldn’t be, and it will go much better than I expected. Very reassuring and he also connected with my grandmother in spirit and a guide of mine which felt really comforting. So specific and spot on, truly awesome! Thank you so much, Phil.

    C, February 2024
  • I have had some very professional and helpful readings from readers on this site. Unfortunately I did not feel that Phil provided a focused and sincere reading. He rushed the reading and sounded as if he was on automatic pilot, merely regurgitating what he has said many times previously. I see the positive reviews but my experience was not a positive one. My impression was perhaps living on past glory. I think it is disappointing to pay good money and come away with such an experience. Thank you to Elizabeth Rose for being so transparent in being prepared to upload all types of feedback. I have provided this feedback to share my experience with others who want a personalised reading with a reader who is interested in the client.

    Patricia, February 2024
  • I had a reading with Phil in September 2023, and left writing a review until February 2024, as I believe you need time to see how things unfold. Phil was spot on with a couple of predictions and told me things about myself that only a friend would know. I’ve spoken to several readers on this site but Phil is one of the best readers by far, clearly very talented. Will definitely be in touch again.
    Blessings and thanks

    Georgina, January 2024
  • Mind blown life changing reading. The most talented psychic I have ever come across

    A, November 2023
  • I’ve had two readings with Phil, and he has impressed me every time. He brought through some very accurate information about my loved ones in Spirit, and was spot on with some facts. Thank you Phil, your reading was super helpful today.

    Rita, January 2023
  • I spoke to Phil who predicted communication with my person by Feb/March after which we will build on strength and rekindle/ reconcile- I’ll let you all know how it goes, on the hunt for my go to psychic!xx

    Smera, November 2022
  • This time last year I called up and spoke to Phil. If it was not for him, I would have left my job. Through his reading he predicted I would be successful and happy, and I needed to stay. Since then, he has read for me for several POI and is always right about them and their intentions. He predicted my partner in my last reading and he would be a long term partner and this person and I are now planning our future together. He has really been on the ball with every reading he has done. He is really hard to get through to and I can see why… if you do ever see him available (which is not very often) do go through to him. He really is the best. Lovely man good at what he does!

    S, October 2022
  • Thanks again – as always this reader absolutely spot on and on the mark, does not need any prompts what so ever. The real deal!

    S, July 2022
  • Phil is not only an absolute gent, but he is also eloquent, well-spoken and has a very warm character. He is very good at what he does. Every time I go through to Phil, I know it is money well spent. His readings are the best, he is so realistic and what he says makes absolute sense.
    I could go through many readers and am still looking for answers, but Phil does not disappoint. I don’t give him many prompts, it just flows and above all he is accurate it is shocking. I absolutely adore this man’s mannerisms and he is an absolute gem. Will always sing his praises….

    Sonia, June 2022
  • After reading reviews I decided to take on Phil as a reader. He told me that my grandfather (or grandfather like figure later on) was around me but the description didn’t match anyone I knew.. both my grandfathers are with me. In a bid to make the most of my reading I volunteered information which helped, to which Phil gave very generic chat seemed like assumptions and changed his advice when I told him of what is in play. There were moments after me volunteering for 20 mins that I thought something may be true but looking back. I wasted my time.

    Saroise, May 2022
  • Out of all the readers on the site, Phil is the most reliable and trustworthy. He is absolutely lovely. His predictions and readings are 100% on the mark. He is a real medium and psychic and I would always recommend Phil anytime. Everything he had said has come true… everything… I have been through many psychics on this site however Phil is the one to go to!

    Sonia, March 2022
  • I read with Phil for the first time today and I was stunned. This man is incredible. He bought through three members of my family who were very dear to me and told me things regarding them that no one would ever know. He picked up my dear Uncle and saw onions around his neck relating to cars. My uncle only liked citroens!! He picked up a lady tap dancing and said this was my Auntie. My Auntie was involved in theatre tap danced! He described my Grandad as had very blue eyes. I was stunned but it bought such unexpected comfort and made me cry that they are with me. Phil you are a legend!! I will come back to you again. Thank you x

    Lisa, January 2022
  • Wow!!!! Such a lovely reading with Phil, he’s just a lovely guy. I felt so reassured, he brought up so many things that completely stunned me. The call ended after a certain time but I will return soon to continue where we left off. I feel good, thank you Phil.

    Anon, December 2021
  • Goodness Phil. Where did YOU come from ?!
    An amazing man, soft reassuring vice, calm, encouraging, tells it like it is. Validations were so spot on it was incredible. I shouldn’t want to share him but it would be cruel not to!

    Linda, December 2021
  • 1/09/20- Great Amazing reader. Correct validations no promting and connects with spirit and loved ones. Made some predictions that I’ll look forward to. I would recommend him. He is friendly, kind and doesn’t waste time or money.

    Peace, September 2020
  • Phil is the coolest. Big win.

    Elliot, May 2020
  • I had a reading with Phil on the 18/12, he correctly predicted that I would meet a man with dark brown hair who would be negative and he described him perfectly. Phil has a great gift and I hope I have the opportunity to have a reading with you again. This is the first time I have left a review on this website

    Donna, January 2020
  • Phil is just fabulous. He is incredibly accurate and to the point, but he also makes you come away feeling so much lighter and happier. Something in the energy he gives you during the reading.
    An extremely professional, accurate, gifted psychic. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting great accuracy presented with warmth and caring.

    Jen, March 2019
  • I had the most wonderful reading with Phil (7421) on 12 February 2019. He has a true gift. His validations were spot on and I eagerly await his predictions! Get a reading from him while you can!

    Katherine, February 2019
  • I had the most unexpected experience speaking to Phil today!

    Phil was able to speak to people from my past who passed away ages ago, and who came through to say thanks for experiences we had when they were alive right before they left this physical form, which I had totally forgotten.

    Some of those people were very special to me, and it was as such a beautiful thing to know they feel the same way.

    I feel very blessed to know that I am not alone and that my team of 100 percent Light is always working on my behave.

    I like to thank Phil for his kindness and wonderful reading which I wasn’t expecting as it tapped a very soft part of my heart.

    Thank you Phil! May you and your loved ones be blessed always!

    Best wishes.

    Raquel, January 2019
  • Phil is an extraordinary psychic, I have had so many readings with him and his predictions are always accurate. I had an interview and he predicted the time and day I would get the job offer. I was honestly amazed by how accurate he was. He can also tune into past, present and future events. Phil is very warm, caring and professional and gets straight to the point. I would highly recommend him

    Andrea, February 2018
  • I would just like to say thank you to Phil. He was very specific – even giving me my Dad’s name as well as others – Thank you – Trisha

    Trisha, August 2014
  • I would like to leave a testimonial following a recent reading with Phil. Having come to a relative crossroad in my live I was seeking some clarity with regards to what lay ahead for me. Phill was calm and informative detailing things about my life that had happened in the past accurately. He was empathetic and reassuring. With regards to messages from the spirit world, I have always been a little sceptical however he mentioned a lady who told him things about what I had been doing that know one would have known.

    I musy admit that this took my breath away. Over the course of this week, things have been happening as Phil had predicted and I have taken heed of his words and have approached these new challenges in the way I should. I thank Phil from the botton of my heart for his kind words and look forward to having a reading again.

    Natalie, August 2013
  • I’ve just had a reading with Phil for the first time. He is probably the ONLY person I’ve ever had a reading with who has convinced me that true clairvoyance is at work. His no-nonsence practical approach is startlingly accurate and he willingly answers questions without waffling.

    He described my character to a ‘T’ without being given any information and he predicted that my estranged daughter would make contact within days which she did. I was not so sure about the ‘messages from beyond’ as I am fairly cynical and don’t believe in the afterlife but in every other aspect he is the best reader I’ve ever consulted in any company.

    Elizabeth, August 2013
  • I recently had a reading with Phil and wanted to send you the following testimonial by return:-
    The first thing you notice about Phil when he starts talking to you is his very calm voice which immediately puts you at ease. A voice that projects a worldly wise disposition with a caring nature.
    Instantly Phil then starts to comment with such accuracy and detail. My 20 minutes felt like seconds, after receiving such detail about my life from the past and indeed what the future brings for me over the coming year! I am not only excited but intrigued. I promised Phil that I would return with some feedback/confirmation in terms of something fabulous that is going to happen to me – Phil I’ll be back as soon as I hear! (Phil already knows what this is by the way)
    I love Phil’s style and professional approach and would definitely recommend Phil to anyone, particularly for those of you who are considering a reading for the first time!

    Wendy, August 2013
  • I would like to leave some feedback for a reading that I just had with Phil (7026) Thank you Phil for an amazing reading! Phil was extremely accurate about what was going on in my life at present and was able to focus on the important issues very quickly and without asking me any questions. He also connected with loved ones in the spirit world who he described absolutely spot on! I found the reading very uplifting – he managed to cheer me up when I was feeling quite low. I would definitely have another reading with Phil.

    Tom, August 2013
  • I have had a reading with phil and couldn’t believe how much he had picked up without me even saying a word , from career to emotional and love-relationship problems he covered it all , I initially booked 30 minutes but had to extend due to his accuracy and my curiosity. Thank you Phil for your sincere advice. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with you and will definitely keep in touch.

    Steve, August 2013
  • Hi Phil, I would like to say a huge thank you to you for bringing all to light.You were professional, accurate, caring , honest and direct, just what I wanted to hear. It was bad news but I would rather know the thruth . I will definitely contact you to let you know how things are developing.
    I will always keep in touch with you. Thank you very much

    Sarah, August 2013
  • I have just had a wonderful sensitive reading with Phil, full of content, lots of spiritual links and messages that meant so much to me and so very uplifting at this time of stress and worry, thank you. I am truly grateful and very comforted. He is a specially gifted very accurate medium and a pleasure to talk to.

    Liz, August 2013
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