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Aura is a psychic healer and intuitive life coach . She has been a psychic for many many years and comes from a family of psychics. She takes great honour in delivering messages and guidance to clients which help nurture, support, and open the ears of their own intuition, working to empower everyone in all areas of their life. Aura assists guidance in acknowledging outdated limiting beliefs that stand in the way of living in harmony and creating a more fulfilling and tranquil life . She navigates people through deep internal transformation, dark night of the soul and brings clarity in the most confusing states that people go through when on a journey of great change.


  • Aura was wonderful. Compassionate, caring and wise

    Sarah, March 2024
  • Aura was amazing. She’s very compassionate, yet confidently encourages towards positives. She is on-point and straight forward. She even told me about thing’s that I suppressed and overlooked in my life and advised me on how to heal myself and overcome positively. She is a great mentor and spiritual adviser. I would love to know her personally, she is a great woman.

    CE, February 2023
  • Aura was very astute and quickly tuned into the heart of the matter for me, reframing things with insight and understanding in a very reassuring way. I found it incredibly helpful as she correctly understood the dynamic of my situation and helped me realise ways with which I could move forward. Her insightful reading gave me hope and clarity. Highly recommend.

    Helen, August 2022
  • Aura is a wonderful person. Her insight into my recent fears about flying and taxis has helped me to realise there are good times ahead. I am looking forward to future readings.

    Antoine, October 2021
  • Aura is a fantastic phychic healer, she helps regulate my emotions when I’m in a horrible place that I can’t get out of on my own.
    Every time I speak with her I feel safe and see clearly. She is a great mentor and I love her teachings!
    You will really enjoy sessions with her.
    Love and light 💖

    Anon, June 2021
  • I love aura she is so nurturing with her healing. Her readings are very powerful. They are always so spot on!
    Layla. K

    Layla, February 2021
  • I love aura!
    She is such a wise nurturing reader who helps me feel so much self acceptance she offers me clarity in my real low spaces.
    I highly recommend her as psychic healer😊

    Layla, November 2020
  • Aura is a very compassionate reader. Her calls brighten up my day. She is a very skilled phychic, highly recommend.

    Isaac, November 2020
  • 25/09/20 Great!! Absolutely fabulous. Aura was so kind and polite connects with guides to bring messages and guidance. Validates correctly and makes predictions. Won’t just tell you what you want to hear. Genuine and clear. I would recommend her.

    Peace, September 2020
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